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What is a Football Combine and Why is it important?

​​A football combine lets  football players show off their natural athletic ability with specific timed/measured events like the 40-yard dash, broad jump, 20-yard shuttle, 3 cone drill, and the vertical jump. Combine's are important as it allow athletes to know their measurements to improve year after year and the measurable results assist coaches and scouts in determining the best athletes.

40-yard dash: measures the athlete's run time from the explosive start to finish with run times clocked at 10, 20, and 40 yard intervals; measuring speed, explosion, and run time.

Vertical Jump: The vertical jump measures an athlete's reach, standing flat-footed, jumping and touching a flag; measuring the athlete's lower body explosion and power.

Broad Jump: Measures how far an athlete can jump, starting from a balanced stance, to a landing without moving; measuring lower body explosion, strength and balance.

3 Cone Drill:  Measures the athlete's ability to change directions and speed, an L shaped drill, timing from start to finish.

20-Yard Shuttle Run: Measures an athlete's lateral quickness and explosion.