​​Creating the Total Athlete

Skills Unlimited

Basketball Training

Dribbling, Passing, Shooting Clinics, Shooting Technique, Offense/Defensive Fundamentals

Boxing Training





Boxing Punches

Football Training

Footwork, Hand Placement,

Drills for: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs, Linemen, Defensive Backs, Line Backers, and Kickers, and Combine Prep.

Soccer Training

Dribbling, Trap, Passing, Basic and Advanced Soccer Techniques


Speed and Agility

Strength and Conditioning



Why is off season training important?

Off-season training allows athletes to increase their FLEXIBILITY, strength, agility, speed and keep their physical body conditioned. Off-season training decreases the risk of injury. 

Proper Technique and fundamental training is important for the athlete to be prepared when they start their sport season. Off-Season training allows a repetitive teaching, conditioning, and training in the preparation for the season to come, to increase the athlete's IQ of the game.

Many coaches do not have time to train an athlete during "in-season" play. Fundamentals and technique training during the in-season takes the coach away from what he is appointed for, to win games. Athlete's have a greater chance of never coming off of the field or off of the court when their athletic IQ is higher and their level of understanding their game is great.