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SAT/ACT PREP CLASSES- 3D Educational Services, Ernest Watford 

Every year, 3D Educational Services prepares students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT). We suggest students prepare for both college entrance exams with our very unique and comprehensive SAT and ACT combined preparatory program. Since colleges accept both an SAT and ACT score, and a student may score better on one than the other, it is wise for students to prepare for and take both tests. By teaching the necessary test taking strategies and reviewing the material on both the SAT and ACT, each student will reach his or her highest potential on both tests. Additionally, a student's study skills, confidence, and test taking ability on all multiple choice tests will improve!

*SAT and/or ACT full-length practice testing to identify individual strengths and weaknesses

*Thorough critical reading, writing and math skills review and enhancement

*Test taking strategies to put you in control

* Hours of instruction

*Frequent exercises for additional drill and practice and to relieve test anxiety

*Private, paired or small group instruction, as agreed upon with clients and in each students' best interest to insure personal attention and success

*Professional, enthusiastic, degreed, and experienced instructors to provide quality instruction

*Parent meeting to review practice test results and provide important information on the college admissions process

​​Creating the Total Athlete